Darkest Sky

Release notes for Alpha Test 1 - Version 0.8.0

Welcome to our first Alpha test, I'm really glad you’re here!

The purpose of this alpha test 1 is to gather feedback from a wider audience.

The game is in an early development state, all gameplay features are experimental and the art,sound and music are not final.

I hope you enjoy the game.

System requirements
  • A modern browser with a hardware accelerated WebGL implementation (anything with a decent GPU).
  • Graphics settings let you adjust graphics performance, from the old mobile GPU to the latest desktop discrete GPU.
  • Bug reports of any graphical glitchs/bugs/problems are welcome, it is difficult for an solo indie developer to test on a wide variaty of hardware/os/browser.
  • The game uses all the CPU cores reported by the browser, the more the better.
Procedural generated universe
  • This feature is the closest to the final vision of the game, but some work remains.
  • The spatial scale of the star systems is 1:1, but the time is 8x faster.
  • All details of the universe (star systems, places, stations, names etc.) are subject to change with the development of the game.
  • The procedural algorithm tries to create a realistic and consistent universe. If you find anything fishy, please report it.
  • Explore star systems in detail, most of them have something of interest.
  • The gameplay favors direct Brachistochrone trajectories, but small impulse-based orbital operations work as expected.
  • Some bugs remain on autopilot (Goto), especially in some corner cases when the destination is blocked by another object.
  • The jump animation/transition is just a placeholder.
  • Your traveler's logbook is kept local in the browser, needs to be manually synchronized with the servers, this may change in the future.
  • Before logging out, check if your ship is in a stable orbit or docked at a station. the game continues even when you are offline.
Internal ship systems
  • The connection grid does not have a graphic representation, it is only present in the user interface.
  • The crew does not have automatic task scheduling (like other colony/crew simulations), they are managed manually, this may change in the future.
  • The crew only acts automatically with some items in the action slot, attacks/defends with weapons, repairs with the repair tool.
  • The crew inventory manegemnt still has usability issues!
Exploration of space stations
  • Remember to wear a space suit on the body slot before leaving a pressurized environment!
  • The crew combat gameplay is still a work in progress.
  • The user experience in the transition of ships and station modules (actions/user interface) are not final, this may change in the future.
  • Ship/Station reactivation may depend on its damage state and player experience, its a difficult task with a high risk/reward.
  • The gameplay logic of the ship's internal systems also applies to other entities (ships, station) once reactivated.
  • If the player triggers a full alien response, The alien ships ETA depends on player wanted level (not explicit shown).
  • I would like any feedback on how discoverable the interaction of modules, items and crew is to achieve the desired outcome.
Space combat
  • Space combat is very tactical. It's vital to know the capabilities and limitations of the weapons.
  • All autonomous mobile vehicles have drone in their names (even when they have other common names like missiles, torpedoes, etc).
  • Defense drones are optimized to intercept other drones.
  • Attack drones are used against other ships.
  • Laser drones are mobile laser platforms. they are full autonomous and seek new targets, but can be controlled directly.
  • Drone carriers are mobile launch platforms. they are full autonomous and seek new targets, but can be controlled directly.
  • Lasers and Railguns are short-range defensive weapons, but can be used offensively if the opportunity arises.
  • Jammer/Decoy drones divert the attention of other drones.
  • EM drones regularly pulse EM energy, targeting other ships' power systems.
  • Interdictor drones will regular pulse EM energy, targeting other ships' QDrive.
  • Remember, in the space combat, 1000Km is point blank.
  • The learning process requires some experience, but the risk is too high (permadeath). This is a known problem. Stay tune!
  • Alien controlled ships will allways overcome you, it's a mater of time. dont stay to long on a hot star system.
  • You are being hunted, don't go back to the recently visited star systems, they will be waiting for you.

Copyright (C) 2020 Eduardo David Nunes