Darkest Sky

A failed hyper jump takes you to a parallel universe. A dead and empty shadow of our reality, overrun by a mysterious alien blight.

In this twisted universe, a strangely familiar human civilization lays in ruins, scatter among unknown stars.

To survive, you must explore abandoned space stations in search of resources, find other stranded ships and discover the mysteries of this star cluster in the hope of finding a way back to our universe.

  • A procedurally generated universe with realistic scaled star systems and orbital mechanics. Detailed star and planets based on the best astronomical theories.
  • Fully Newtonian flight model. From high energy continuous acceleration paths to small orbital corrections.
  • Explore the remains of a once-thriving human space civilization, scattered through the stars, around a star cluster.
  • Millions of star system linked by a network of causality links. Chart your way through this region of space alone or with your friends.
Ship management
  • Detailed ship simulation, with a modular design for its subsystems. Including power generators, radiators, weapons, engines, cargo compartments and life support systems.
  • Realistic internal systems. Balance the available power and manage the wasted heat. Watch out for open doors in case of pressure lost.
  • Customize your ship by building new modules or upgrading existing ones. If you outgrow your ship's hull, you can find and salvage a bigger ship.
  • Manage your crew, they will help you operate and maintain the ship.
  • Balance the resources used by the ship.
Space derelicts
  • Traverse the interiors of ships and stations in a dungeon crawler roguelike experience.
  • Use your crew as an exploration squad. Manage your inventory, EVA suits and weapons loadout.
  • Loot any valuable items, scavenge for forsaken resources.
  • Neutralize the alien blight that lurks inside the ruined hulls.
  • Try to reactivate the stations and take full advantage of their resources. But beware, the alien blight will amass reinforcements to destroy any human intruders.
  • Realistic space battles. Large scale battlefields, both in space and time.
  • Prioritize your attack volleys against incoming threats.
  • Manage your drone fleet to extend the battlefield into the enemy's camp.
  • Varied weapon types: Simple missile, Carrier drones, Laser drones, Point defense Laser, Railguns, EMP and decoy drones.
  • Multiple combat situations: Single player skirmishes (PvE), Multiplayer raid fleet (Co-Op PvE), Players vs players Battles (PvP).

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