Darkest Sky

Darkest Sky is a browser-based 3D spaceship simulator focused on exploration, ship management, raiding derelict stations and realistic space battles

  • A detailed and realistic universe to explore, full-scale orbital mechanics and a Newtonian flight model.
  • Manage the ship's subsystems, build and upgrade modules and organize your crew.
  • Survive by raiding derelict stations for loot, or reactivate for full use, but beware it will provoke the alien blight.
  • A persistent and shared open universe.
  • Explore alone or with friends in a co-op fleet experience.
  • Playable on desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS).
  • Currently in alpha development stage.

Latest News
Closed Alpha Test 3 new features
Setember 19, 2022

The new alpha test will focus on the two new starting modes:

  • Instant Combat
    Start in an interdiction minefield and fight your way out as enemy reinforcements arrive.
  • Dead Spaceship
    Repair a badly damaged ship and learn how its subsystems work.
Closed Alpha Test 3 comming soon
Setember 6, 2022

A new closed alpha test will begin soon.

This test will focus on the new gameplay with specific scenarios along with the normal game modes.

Closed alpha test 2 is now over
December 21, 2021

With the conclusion of the Closed Alpha Test 2, I would like to thank all participants.

Stay tuned for updates on the next test phase.

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