Darkest Sky

Darkest Sky is a browser-based 3D spaceship simulator focused on exploration, ship management, raiding derelict stations and realistic space battles

  • A detailed and realistic universe to explore, full-scale orbital mechanics and a Newtonian flight model.
  • Manage the ship's subsystems, build and upgrade modules and organize your crew.
  • Survive by raiding derelict stations for loot, or reactivate for full use, but beware it will provoke the alien blight.
  • A persistent and shared open universe.
  • Explore alone or with friends in a co-op fleet experience.
  • Playable on desktop and mobile platforms (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS).
  • Currently in early access stage.

Latest News
New version 0.9.10
May 27, 2024

Maintenance update, lots of small bug fixes.

New version 0.9.9
March 29, 2024

A minor update addressing a few bugs.

New version 0.9.8
December 29, 2022

This release fixes a bug that prevents the game from starting in Safari and DuckDuckGo browsers.

New version 0.9.7
December 7, 2022

Due to some internal bug fixes, this version will reset any active accounts, all ingame progress will be wiped.

Other bug-fixes:

  • Fix crashes during combat inside space stations.
  • Fix bug when inserting multiline notes in star map.
  • Fix a rare time warp bug.

The game

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